MLMS Leadership Team

Dr. Sanchez
Ms. Bueno
Mr. Crespo
Dr. Manuel Sanchez III, Principal
Ms. Nora J. Bueno, Assistant Principal
Mr. Rafael Crespo, Assistant Principal

A Letter from the Principal...

I want to thank you for entrusting the education of your child to us. The faculty and staff at Miami Lakes Middle School has made a commitment, personally and collectively, to bring into our classrooms a curriculum that emphasizes academic excellence and community involvement.

Our comprehensive academic program is designed to provide every child with an environment where teaching and learning is student-centered. Our curriculum is enriched with outstanding opportunities that will challenge your child to reach new academic milestones. We will set high standards of performance and provide each student with all the tools needed to achieve at this level.

I ask for your support in this ongoing endeavor so that together, we can provide the best possible environment for the education of your child.


Dr. Manuel Sanchez lll